KY-MK109 mechanical keyboard Wireless gaming RGB hot-swappable

KY-MK109 mechanical keyboard Wireless gaming RGB hot-swappable

81/82 key US/UK mechanical keyboard;

Silicone pad soundproof, removable mechanical shaft;

Separate TYPE-C power cable and key cable;

Three mode dual system; Full key no punch; Can be paired with drivers to achieve macro definition;

System compatibility by Windows 90/2000/ME/NT Windows XP Windows VISTA 7/8/10/11 Mac.

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Switch Outemu PG150Q33 (Blue)
MembranTKL mechanical keyboard circuit board
Number of keys81
USB cableType-c Insert and remove PVC cable 1.6M
Magnet ringWith out Magnet ring
USB connecterGold-plate
Light patternRGB Backlit
key capsFR double color injection
Anti-GhostingFull keys or 6 keys
key scroll speed8Ms
key load50±5gf
Key stroke2.20mm±0.6(PT)
Current conmsumption<320mA
Power supply modeUSB or Bettery
Battery specification4000mA
Safety certificationCE


What certificates do you have for mechanical keyboards? 

CE  ,ROHS, REACH, PAHS ,POP ,etc. Also we can apply for any requested certificate as well as production technology required by it. 

What quality control do you make during all manufacturing process? 

Quality is our priority. We had fully implemented the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system.

We start QC from the raw material supplied, each item we are checking before use it on production line. The production line has its own QC from the beginning to the finish of assemble before packing. Finished product have to be inspected before delivery as well. 

What is the most popular mechanical keyboards on your factory? 

We are working with customers all over the World, so customers demand and choice is so widely different. We do have budget-friendly models as well as full function durable ones. 

How durable is your mechanical keyboards and what special in your design? 

We use most durable components and materials. Mechanical keyboards are referred to by the types of switches they use. Some of our switches are rated to last for over seventy million clicks.

Switches are not the only feature that contributes to a long lifespan. Most of our products are built with durable materials, such as PBT keycaps, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frames, and so on. Most of them also allow you to easily replace components like switches and keycaps, which also extends the longevity of the keyboard itself.

What kind of PCBA is commonly used in your mechanical keyboards? 

PCBA, the heart of the keyboard, is a printed circuit board where switches and everything else fits. It depends on customer needs but we advise to use double layer PCBA. 

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.

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