KY-MK68 60% 68-key handle mechanical gaming keyboard wholesale manufacturers

KY-MK68 60% 68-key handle mechanical gaming keyboard wholesale manufacturers

Compact design 68 keys mechanical keyboard 

High quality ABS materials 

Full keys anti-ghosting 

Double injection keycaps & Lasered keycaps supported 

With Win lock function 

Arrow and WASD keys exchange function 

Support all the layouts 

Rainbow & RGB & BT backlight supported/Wired & Rechargeable version available 

Printed logo,  Foldable Rubber feet 

KEYCEO China KY-MK68 Compact design 68 keys mechanical keyboard manufacturers - KEYCEO,Market protect , We do our best to avoid same model product not appearing in same market, this time effectively guaranteeing customers' reasonable profit and brand image

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Are you able do a layout with special requirements? 

We have all required equipment to make any layout for our customers. 

How to make a backlit for my layout which is not commonly used? 

We can offer you to develop double injection keycaps which bring to life any of your requests. 

Can you make the double injection keycaps? 

Yes, most of our mechanical keyboards use double injection keycaps. 

What Switches are commonly used in your models? 

 Our most commonly used switch is Outemu, because it is a mechanical keyboard switch with the highest cost performance at present, but Cherry, kailh,Gateron and other well-known brands we will choose according to different customers' requirements.

What switches can be used in ODM project? 

We can offer you wide range of switches, which generally are Linear switches, Tactile switches, Clicky switches. If you have special request, we are open to discuss it. 

What kind of backlit can be used in your keyboards? 

Static or dynamic illumination are available. Dynamic illumination can be controlled by software or stored in selectable memory of device. 

Can you make a custom backlit by customer demand? 

Yes, our designers and R&D team are happy to develop it for you. 

Do you have software supported models? 

Yes, some of our models can be controlled by software and gives a wide range of customization options. 

Is it possible to customize the software with my Logo in OEM/ODM project? 

Yes, we can do it by customer request. 

Do you have capability to develop a software for my project?

It depends on the project. If the developed model allows it, our R&D team will implement customer request. 

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.

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