What is Gasket structure keyboard?

March 24, 2023
What is Gasket structure keyboard?
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The most popular concept of mechanical keyboards in 2021 is the gasket structure, and it will be popular in 2023, and one of the conditions for the recently popular mahjong sound in the customization circle is the gasket structure. So what is the gasket structure?

Before talking about the gasket structure, let’s talk about the most common structures in mechanical keyboards at present. The most common structure is the ship’s hull. Most of the mass-produced mechanical keyboards are of the ship’s shell structure, and if there are others, it is the Top structure. , Bottom structure, no steel structure, etc., and then there is the gasket structure.

Gasket is literally translated as a gasket, so Gasket can also be called a gasket structure-no screws or screws are only responsible for fixing the upper and lower shells, and the positioning plate is fixed in the middle by the pressure of the upper and lower shells. Since the keyboard liner has no rigid structure and screw support, it only relies on the rubber and the precision of the upper and lower covers to press it to death in the middle of the keyboard. Therefore, the feel will be very uniform. At the same time, due to the existence of the gasket, there will be buffers in the vertical direction of the keyboard, so as to provide a softer, elastic and warmer feel. This is why "Gasket" is highly respected in the custom keyboard circle.


Introduction to several structures of mechanical keyboards

Hull structure:

Briefly describe these different structures. The hull is the most common one. If you have a mechanical keyboard, you can check if there are a few screws on the positioning plate of your mechanical keyboard. This is the hull. The PCB board is fixed on the shell by screws, and the holes on the positioning board are used for screw fixing.

The hull is the most common structure, all accessories are standardized design, and the process is simple, the cost is low, all common in mass-produced mechanical keyboards

But the standardized design will result in different bottoming feedback, and the sound will be inconsistent.

Top structure:

For the Top structure, the positioning plate and the upper shell are fixed, and then the upper and lower shells are connected, and the bottom structure is vice versa.

This structure can provide a more consistent feel and consistent sound feedback

The disadvantage is that the positioning board needs to be customized. In this case, the cost is relatively high and it is relatively rare.

No steel structure:

If there is no steel structure, the positioning plate is removed

The biggest disadvantage of this structure is that it is easy to damage

Gasket structure:

The gasket structure, to a certain extent, also achieves some characteristics of the steel-free structure

The transliteration of gasket is a gasket, so the biggest feature of the gasket structure is that there will be gaskets around the positioning plate. This gasket is used as a cushioning layer for the bottom shell and the top shell. The positioning plate is often made of softer elastic materials. Such as PC material (actually plastic)

The gasket structure is also called the gasket structure. The overall structure is designed without screws, or the screws are only used to fix the upper and lower shells, and the fixing of the positioning plate is completed by the pressure of the upper and lower shells.

You can see the overall structure, and there are no screws inside, so it can provide a more consistent feel. The biggest feature of the gasket structure is its soft elasticity and warmth.

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