DIY Lightweight Gaming Mouse

March 24, 2023
DIY Lightweight Gaming Mouse
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How much does your mouse weigh?

In game peripherals, the mouse is more important than the keyboard. The comfort of the grip, the weight of the product, the performance, the feedback of the buttons, the softness and hardness of the wire, and the delay of the wireless are all determined. A key element of whether a gaming mouse is handy. In the past two years, the development of gaming mice has also changed from the general trend of "wireless" to "lightweight", and has dropped from about 100g in the early days to about 80g, and then down to 70g, 60g, 50g... as long as you can Light, it can really be described as "everything is used".

1. Overview

KY-M1049 lightweight mouse is only DIY customization/weight-oriented, detachable assembly, This product adopts the original phase 3395 top optical sensor, six-button gaming mouse solution, which is cost-effective. RGB backlight, made of ABS and PC materials, ergonomic design. Self-adjusting frame rate for optimal performance and precise positioning.


2. The main specifications of the product

Electronic solution: Beiying BY1001+3395

Working mode: wired + 2.4G dual-mode mouse

Rated voltage: +3.7VDC Rated current: ≤45mA at +3.3VDC

Maximum acceleration: 50G

Tracking speed: 650ips USB report rate: 1000HZ

Battery capacity: 600mAh Charging current: ≤500mA

DPI: up to 26000 DPI

Buttons (default): left button, right button, scroll wheel, DPI, forward, back button, switch button, lighting effect switching button (can be changed to other functions according to requirements)

Body material/surface treatment: ABS+color oil+radium engraving+dumb UV treatment.


3. DPI value: 800 red-1600 green-2400 blue-3200 white-5000 yellow-26000 purple, default 1600DPI.




All the requirements of DIY customization enthusiasts, the switch, shell color, and the shape of the back cover can be freely replaced,

Personalized marketing needs such as button color, white, blue, pink, black, combined color spare switch brand and model can be customized according to the buyer's needs;

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