What is the difference between a mechanical keyboard and a scissor keyboard?

March 14, 2023
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In recent years, mechanical keyboards have different feel brought by different axes, various dazzling RGB lighting effects, and keycaps with different themes, which seem to be at an advantage in terms of appearance and feel. But as an office worker with tens of thousands of words a day, the heavy tapping force of the mechanical keyboard is also a burden on the fingers. In addition, the mechanical keyboard is too loud and the colorful lighting effects are not suitable for the office environment.

Membrane keyboards are more suitable for office work than mechanical keyboards, especially scissor keyboards. The scissors keyboard is also called "X structure keyboard", which means that the structure of the keyboard below the keys is "X". The average height of the keycap module of the "X architecture" is 10 mm. Thanks to the inherent advantages of the "X architecture", the height of the keycaps of the "X architecture" can be greatly reduced and it is close to the notebook computer. This also makes the "X Architecture" keyboard becomes the condition of desktop ultra-thin keyboard.

The keyboard advantages of the X architecture are as follows.

Keycap height:

The average height of the keycap module of a traditional desktop is 20 mm, the average height of a keycap module of a notebook computer is 6 mm, and the average height of the keycap module of the "X architecture" is 10 mm, which is entirely due to the "X The innate advantages of "architecture" can make the height of the keycaps of "X architecture" be greatly reduced so as to be close to that of notebook computers, which also makes the "X architecture" keyboard the condition for becoming a desktop ultra-thin keyboard.

Key travel:

Benefit and concealment are two contradictory sides, they coexist with each other. Key stroke is an important parameter of the keyboard, it depends on whether a keyboard feels good. According to past experience, the consequence of reducing the height of the keycap is the shortening of the key stroke. Although the keys of the notebook keyboard are soft, the poor hand feeling caused by the short key stroke still exists. On the contrary, the traditional desktop keyboard The key stroke is what we all agree on. The average key travel of desktop keycaps is 3.8-4.0 mm, and the average key travel of notebook computer key caps is 2.50-3.0 mm, while the "X architecture" keyboard inherits the advantages of desktop key caps, and the average key travel is 3.5-3.8 mm. mm, the feel is basically the same as that of a desktop, comfortable.

Percussion force:

You can try to tap from the upper left corner, upper right corner, lower left corner, lower right corner, and the center of the keycap of your keyboard respectively. Have you found that the keycap is not stable after pressing from different force points? The difference in strength is the shortcoming of traditional keyboards with strong and unbalanced strokes, and it is precisely because of this that users are prone to hand fatigue. The parallel four-bar linkage mechanism of the "X architecture" guarantees the consistency of the keyboard's percussion force to a large extent, so that the force is evenly distributed on all parts of the keycap, and the percussion force is small and balanced, so the hand feeling will be more consistent and more comfortable. Moreover, the "X architecture" also has a unique "three-stage" touch, which enhances the comfort of tapping.

Button sound:

Judging from the sound of keys, the noise value of the "X architecture" keyboard is 45, which is 2-11dB lower than that of traditional keyboards. The sound of keys is soft and soft, which sounds very comfortable.



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